Pro Select – Direct Search Recruitment
for mid-management and key expert positions


Why Pro Select?

HR and Recruitment

Today’s labor market is becoming increasingly challenging and demanding. There is a strong shortage of key specialists and managers in almost every industry. Quite naturally this changes the behavior of the most experienced and valuable candidates: they are not any more actively seeking and are difficult to identify.

Traditional passive recruitment methods can no longer ensure that the best candidates are hired. It is necessary to reach them directly, using appropriate tools that best suit the new situation.

We do things differently here at Pro Select

We provide a highly effective and innovative approach – individual tailor-made solutions that focuses primarily on the proactive “headhunting” methodology in the search and selection. We are professionals in Direct Search Recruitment (DSR), as we have been applying and improving it for more than 15 years.

This way, after a deep and comprehensive search, our client meets not just any candidates, but the most suitable candidates from the market.

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